The Browns showcased their vocals and their business to Main Street Iowa judges in the statewide “Open 4 Business” competition held in Sioux City, Iowa.  And took home $10,000 to pack into their performance. “Lighting and microphones and some equipment like that, sound equipment, to add to the experience of the Browns Century Theater,” said Michaela Brown.

The other finalists four finalists were The Som in Burlington, IA; Gravy Home Goods in Jewell, IA; The Bijou Theater in Mount Vernon, IA; and, first-place winner, Roux’s Kitchen in Woodbine, IA.

The Iowa Economic Development Authority lent $40,000 to Main Street Iowa to award five finalists.

Each finalist was awarded $8,000 before Tuesday night’s competition. In all, the Browns took home $18,000.


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